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Tom Ellem 31 defeats Jack Walker 25

 MAJOR Fours Champions



2017 Schedule


29th October 2017 - Graded Pairs


5th November 2017 - Graded Triples

11th November 2017 - Graded Pairs



All dates may be subject to change due to weather or unforseen circumstances


Major Singles Winner - T. Ellem

Major Singles Runner up - J. Walker

Major Pairs Winners - J. Walker, S. Love

Major Pairs Runners Up - H. Lewis, N. Burkett

Major Triples Winners - M. O'loughlin, J. Roach, M. Clarke

Major Triples Runners Up - A. Bowden, J. Walker, S. Love
Major 4's Winners - S. Foster, J. Roach, T. Imer, T. Ellem
Major 4's Runners up - G. Watson, G. Meichels, M. Smith, J. Irvine

Minor Singles Winner - H. Lewis

Minor Singles Runner up - B. Sherlock

Minor Pairs Winners - M. Attard, G. Miechels

Minor Pairs Runners up - P. Bungate, M. Beaton

Minor Triples Winners - R. Cheema, P. Redolfi, R. Read

Minor Triples Runners Up - P. Toffolon, M. Attard, E. Galea

Minor 4's Winners - G Watson, R. Firmani, D. Baker, G. Dipizio
Minor 4's Runners up - L. Aguis, P. Toffolon, M. Attard, M. Galea

Graded Pairs Winners - R. Cheema, T. Imer 

Graded Pairs Runners Up - J. Halacas, G. Reynolds

Graded Triples Winners - J. Lazaridis, B. Sherlock, T. Wood 

Graded Triples Runners Up - P. Bungate, G. Couchman, R. Becker

Graded Fours Winners - G. Tidyman, N. Micallef, C. Edgarton, S. Love

Graded Fours Runners Up - L. Agius, P. Toffolon, M. Attard, M. Galea

Senior Singles Winner - C. Edgarton

Senior Singles Runner Up - M. Attard

Consistency Singles Winner - R. Nicholson

Consistency Singles Runner Up - P. Inglis

Mixed Pairs Winners - R. Smith, R. Read

Mixed Pairs Runners Up - T. Cook, J. Anlezark

Mixed Triples Winners - J. Clark, V. Smith, T. Clark

Mixed Triples Runners Up - R. Smith, C. Wilson, R. Read