Junior Bowls recruitment

Q&As with Director Gareth Lewis

How and why did you start playing bowls?

I started playing Carpet Bowls in my Grandparents hallway from the age of 6 and this transitioned to Lawn Bowls in 1998 at the age of 14. The reason I became invested with Lawn Bowls was the influence of my Grandfather and his love of the game, which has been embedded throughout my family.

How long have you been at Merrylands?

I have been a member of Merrylands Bowling Club for 14 years, I joined Merrylands Bowling Club in 2007.

What do you do for work?
am the Head Teacher of the HSIE (Human Society and its Environment) at Merrylands High School, I have been teaching at Merrylands High School since 2009.

What is your role as a director at the Club?

My role is to lead the implementation of the Merrylands Bowling Group Junior Academy initiative through collaboration with the wider school community (including several Primary and High Schools from the Holyroyd, Greystanes, Merrylands and Granville areas) to actively facilitate and promote the sport of Lawn Bowls and the fantastic opportunities associated with our game.

What plans do you have to get schools involved in bowls?

Merrylands Bowling Club has created strong partnerships with the wider school community through our Club Grants Scheme, the Combined High Schools Lawn Bowls Association, the excellent coaching and development of our Primary School Groups and the regular attendance to school functions/events from our members over the past decade. These relationships provide an excellent opportunity for our club to establish a Junior Academy throughout 2020 and beyond. The Junior Academy initiative will include the provision of engaging lessons to students including mentoring, discussion, basic instruction and fun games. Furthermore, expert tuition in the sport of Lawn Bowls, a free playing uniform and all equipment to facilitate the sport will be provided.
Additionally, Club Merrylands Group offers a unique opportunity to those students who show promise, ability and a genuine interest to pursue the sport by placing these students in our “Scholarship Programme”. The Scholarship Programme includes $500.00 per year to assist with school fees, uniforms, and educational materials.
The milestones of the Junior Academy will be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that the processes that have been implemented are streamlined to guarantee the success of our Junior Academy and the continued growth of Lawn Bowls within our community.

What benefits are there in school kids playing bowls?

Lawn Bowls provides physical activity, competition, fun and assists in the development of interpersonal, organisational, kinaesthetic, and cognitive skills. The development of these skills empowers students to improve their learning outcomes in the school environment and create strong relationships with community members, leading to opportunities for guidance, support and mentoring throughout their educational and sporting life.
The future of our sport rests in our hands and our ability to attract new bowlers from all stages of life to participate in our game. Each of us has a vivid and enjoyable story of how we became invested (some would say addicted) with the sport of Lawn Bowls, these moments need to be replicated and shared with the community to attract and sustain a new generation of bowlers. Over the coming months, Merrylands Bowling Group will be taking the first step in this process with the establishment of our Junior Academy and I am looking forward to seeing our bowling greens filled with juniors who will create their own stories about when they started playing bowls at Merrylands Bowling Club.

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A big thank you from your Club !!!!

Over 80 gifts were collected for the Giving Tree

From your donation of Christmas gifts for the Giving Tree, Santa will surely be making a stop to members of our community. The smiles! The joy!

All gifts were collected from Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Inc. (PHFS) which is a community based family support service for families in the Parramatta and Holroyd local government areas.

Beginning in 1976 this service has supported many disadvantaged families through supported playgroups, group work for families and children, workshops, support services and programs.

The services many years of success could not have been achieved without the commitment of the management committee and volunteers.

All gifts received made their way to deserving families in the local government area bringing some Christmas Cheer to the holiday season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

If you would like more information on this service please contact
Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Inc.
P: 9636 8437 | W: