Privacy Policy


CLUB MERRYLANDS BOWLING has always respected the privacy of individuals. It will continue to do so by treating all personal information furnished confidential, by handling it in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 and the Australian Privacy principles (APP).

During the course of its activities Club Merrylands Bowling will collect, record, use and disclose personal information about persons who are or proposed to be:

• A Customer (member, guest, temporary member or visitor).
• A contractor or supplier of goods and services to the Club.
• A Solicitor or other professional consultant to the Club.

Most information comes directly from the persons or from their agents or intermediaries and sometimes it comes from a third party. The type of information collected will vary considerably depending on the nature of the arrangements with the Club. It may include information about:

• Name, address and contact details (phone number)
• Date of birth, drivers licence particulars
• Employment, interest and hobbies

The purpose for which this information is collected is primarily to meet legislative requirements and secondly for the marketing and promotion of the Club. There may be instances where personal information is disclosed to parties outside the Club, but only where there is a valid reason or where required by law.

As a matter of course, Club Merrylands Bowling will require anyone to whom personal information is made available to respect the privacy of the person to whom it relates. Persons who want to know what personal information Club Merrylands Bowling holds about them and how it is used are invited to send a letter to our Privacy Contact Officer along with any complaints or concerns in relation to this matter.

Please contact the Manager on Duty at Club Merrylands on (02) 9637 9099, should you require any further information.

In writing to:
The Privacy Officer
65 Newman Street
Merrylands NSW 2160

Or Email

When Visiting the Club Merrylands website our internet service providers records of visits and logs certain information. No attempt is made by Club Merrylands to identify users or their browsing activities.
We may collect information if you send us a message or submit a request for further information regarding one of our products.