Widemere Public School

Kindergarten Transition Program

This funding will help all kindergarten students but particularly students with disabilities or difficulties have a successful transition into Big School.

This individual education program is developed for targeted students with language behaviour, social skills and academic disabilities and difficulties

Harman Foundation

The project involves the empowerment of women who are victims of Domestic & Family Violence (DFV) through their participation and involvement in a series of dance and musical classes in a community hall. The aim is to empower them by giving them a chance to participate in such sessions where they feel confident, making them aware of their strengths and stand the difficult times. Provide the free support as well from professional counsellors in the space of DFV.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney

Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney’s (RMHC GWS) home-away-from-home enables families with seriously sick or injured children to stay together, during one of the most stressful times of their life. Our unique service includes accommodation, education services and home-cooked meals, at a cost to the charity of around $160/family per night. We have 60 rooms in our purpose-built House & Room Sponsorship provides a critical source of funding.

Hilltop Road Public School

Ready, Set, Go 4 Kindy is a transition to school program for families & children, who are enrolled for Kindergarten 2024 at Hilltop Road Public School. The program is designed to build a strong connection with families and their children as they transition from home/early years setting to primary school. The program will be delivered weekly onsite at HRPS over a 20-week period and be supported with online activities and access to school information through Seesaw (Online Learing Platform)

Hilltop Road Public School

HIlltop Road Hive Project is a series of programs, workshops & excursions that focus on art, health & well being, skill building and opportunities to explore the city and places of significance in Sydney. The aim of the project is to build skills for future job opportunities, empower and develop confidence, promote good mental health and well being and build a strong cohesive community. Which will cement a strong identity and common goal in a diverse multicultural community.

Merrylands East Public School

Merrylands East Public School is embarking on lifting the fitness levels of students in our school community through active participation in ongoing fitness activities. The school is seeking a grant and will jointly fund via our Parents and Citizens Association for the installation of fixed fitness equipment

Merrylands High School

Merrylands High School supports over 250 students who require differentiated learning support because of a range of diagnosed cognitive and physical disabilities. While MHS staff do an excellentjob of utilising available resources, funding does not stretch far enough to employ adequate Learning Support and EAL/D specialists or to purchase equipment needed to satisfactorily support these

Holroyd School

Holroyd School would like to purchase resources that are designed to teach mathematics skills to students with additional needs. Numicon offers resources that support the explicit teaching of foundation number skills using structured imagery with concrete apparatus. These resources would be used to assist in implementing the new Mathematics K-2 NSW syllabus and provide a consistent
whole school approach to teaching numeracy.

Greystanes High School

A Cultural and Well Being Support Officer employed one day per week will be the conduit for engaging Pacific Islander students with their community through dance, song, mentors, sport and physical activity, delivering enhanced cultural pride and intercultural understanding. The Cultural and Well Being Support Officer would work to build connections with external agencies that support Pacifika students, whilst also providing targeted academic support.

Greystanes High School

Speech pathologists diagnose and treat communication disorders including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. COVID has negatively impacted the reading development of some students, who now require expert support to address learning deficits. The targeted group of students are representative from the lowest socioeconomic groups where families are unable to afford access to specialised service

Probus Club of Holroyd

Defray Club operational expenditures to allow effective communication with our members

1st /2nd Merrylands Scouts

To install a permanent motorised canister projection screen in the Scout Hall above the stage. This will improve on line children/youth activities such as showing high definition movies and and show educational videos for their badge work. This resource will allow to show audio visual training resources for the Scout Leaders.

Holroyd Hotshots Netball

Pay the accreditation fees for our volunteers. Cover our umpiring costs. Reduce the uniform costs burden on our parents.

Prospect Zone Sport

Prospect Zone sports association is made up of 9 schools in the Parramatta High School region. All schools are made up of students who come from a low socioeconomic background and a diverse range of multicultural backgrounds. This presents a number of disadvantages for most students who participate in our school sporting programs and pathways. Every Tuesday afternoon students attend our grade sport competition which provides an opportunity for students to become physically active.

Waratahs Netball

Providing our team of umpires with the white uniforms they are required to wear for each game, instead of them needing to acquire them at their own costs, and adding our Club logo to make them identifiable. Furnishing our donated shed so that training equipment is not stored on the floor providing an organised, weather proof and safer storage for our equipment to ensure longevity of the items.

Greystanes Physie and Dance

Equipment, uniforms and awards for the development and growth for the members of Greystanes Physie and Dance

Merrylands RAMS JRLFC

This funding will enable Merrylands Rams JRLFC to provide the best available on and off field apparel and training gear for our players, coaches, managers, trainers and club officials to ensure a high professional standard is maintained. In additon our club will be able to obtain the necessary education and training skills for club officials, coaches, managers and trainers for them to be able to teach our players how to play the great game of Rugby League in a safe, sportsman like manner and to develop and improve players individual skills in thier game.

Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club

Our swimming club needs to purchase a new timing system to replace the old timing system currently
being used for club racesI have submitted the grant application as we discussed last week. I couldn’t attach any quotes to the submission so I have attached them to this email for you. There are a couple of quotes for various components of the Wylas timing system that we are looking to purchase.

Wenty Uniting Church Soccer Club

Getting people involved as volunteers is getting harder and trying to support them with the best equipment for training and games is a big help in people stepping up to be involved in the first place.
Whether they are a first time mum/dad coach or a seasoned coached having equipment fit for the task makes the experience more enjoyable and rewarding. Also retaining players and get younger
and older people out and active is great for the community spirit and watching teams working together to achieve the wanted out come.

Guildford Girl Guides

Guildford Girl Guide Hall was broken into and vandalised on 10th April 2023. Extensive repairs need to be completed to ensure the hall is safe and secure. We are currently unable to meet at the Guide hall until the repairs are completed.

South Wentworthville Girl Guides

To be able to provide essential equipment, resources and uniform for girls and young women whose family are on low income. This will assist to provide an opportunity for young girls in the local and surrounding areas to become members of South Wentworthville Girl Guide District

Holroyd Little Athletics

Require new track equipment – starting gates with devices, weight bases, and laptop to operate the system.

Wenty Waratahs Softball Club

Sporting Apparal trying to buy modern, score books, gloves, bats, balls, tees etc.

Greystanes Devils JRLFC

Seeking a grant to support the importance of continuing team sport into young adult hood, especially in times of tragedy. Grant money would be used to purchase team gear

Cumberland Netball

As a small netball club, with the assistance of this grant we are looking to purchase the following items: to purchase a defibrillator for use at our training facilities. We The benefits of this to our small sporting club are that it will provide critical first aid not only to our players, coaches, but also to our extended community members to purchase new Gilbert Spectra T500 netballs.