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Sound Proofed 80s

Sound Proofed 80s

🎶 Rock & Pop Rewind! 🎶

FREE Entertainment Saturday 29 June from 8.30pm

Are you ready to groove to the iconic sounds of the ’80s? Look no further than Soundproofed 80s the ultimate rock and pop covers band that takes you on a nostalgic journey back in time! 🕺💃

🎤 About Soundproofed 80s

  • Genre: Rock, Pop, and ’80s Rewind
  • What They Do: Deliver electrifying performances of your favorite hits from the ’80s.
  • Energy Level: Off the charts! 🚀

Whether you’re a child of the ’80s or just love the era’s music, Soundproofed will transport you to neon-lit dance floors, big hair, and unforgettable tunes. 🌟

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